CSC Membership

Our Membership Application Form is available online, but must be completed & presented to the Committee for consideration before membership is granted.  Please do not assume that completion of this form automatically qualifies an individual for membership to Combined Shooters Club. 

 You can download the form here :
          download form button


Once you have completed all the details you can either,

  • post it to our Club Secretary at the address shown at the top of the form
  • scan & email it to our Club Secretary at the address shown at the top of the form.


PLEASE NOTE - all sections of the application form need to be completed & presented along with the additional supporting documentation. We will also require the Applicants physical signature before it is presented to the Committee for consideration.


Renewals only

Membership renewals are now possible through our PayPal gateway.  You can renew your membership with either a credit card or your personal PayPal account. 

Please note the following when renewing your Membership;

   -  If you are a Hunter, you need to pay $50.00 only.
   -  ALL renewal's must be complete by 01/10/2018, Otherwise a late fee of $100 will apply. 

   *** Please Note:  Select ONE renewal option ONLY from the list below! ***

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